Ashley S.

We had excellent service. The chicken & waffle sliders (3) are so flavorful and tender. I would definitely get them again after initially feeling that they wouldn’t be my favorite appetizer. We always get bacon deviled eggs (5) for their simple goodness. Slider cheeseburgers (3) are another solid appetizer. We would have gotten the buffalo cauliflower except we had someone with us who doesn’t like blue cheese. I was disappointed with the carnitas nachos thinking that was going to be my favorite appetizer, but they were just okay. The loaded tots were in a similar bucket where we all wanted to love them based on the description, but in the end, probably wouldn’t get them again. They have such an extensive food menu that we will be trying even more next time. My biggest complaint about the atmosphere is the cramped layout and only having 1 bathroom for each gender where the sinks are located inside the restroom creating a backlog. I hope they can expand one day!