New to Your Local Gastropub in Westlake Village – Chicken & Waffle Bites!

Visit your local gastropub in Westlake Village for amazing eats!

For the first time ever in Westlake Village, residents, tourists, and individuals alike will be able to try enjoy chicken and waffle bites. Yes, you hear us correctly. Bites. This dish is not your ordinary Southern, deep-fried chicken, and fluffy waffle. This dish is everything you love about that meal but in neat, little bites. Instead of hacking away at the meat on the bone, you get to enjoy each bite without wrestling with the chicken (or waffle, for that matter).

But, how did this dish come to be? While we can thank the Scottish for fried chicken, it was the Pennsylvania Dutch that conjured up chicken and waffles as we know today. Since the introduction in the 1600s, the trend took off. Wells Supper Club in Harlem, New York took the dish under its wing, making it a popular dish in the restaurant. In 1976, a Harlem native named Herb Hudson opened a Los Angeles restaurant dedicated exclusively to the pairing: Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. Over the years, the restaurant became as established part of the Hollywood food landscape.

So what is it about chicken and waffles that have caused such a stir over the years? Is it that crispy seasoned chicken skin? The fluffy waffles? The sweet syrup? You can enjoy all three at Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen in Westlake Village! Our bites are delicious, traditional, and just as good as you remember. With buttermilk-fried chicken, Tabasco braised kale, and maple butter, you’ll be asking for seconds within minutes!

Your favorite craft bar in Westlake Village has a seat open for you! If you have any questions regarding our menu, beers, or any of our starters, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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