Westlake Village Craft Beer

Westlake Village Craft Beer




FINNEY’S LIGHT (4.5%) Westlake Village, CA American light ale, light-bodied, minimal hops, clean & refreshing 16 oz $6
CRAFTSMAN 1903 PRE-PROHIBITION LAGER (5.5%) Pasadena, CA American lager, clean, dry, refreshing, lightly hoppy 16 oz $7
FIVE THREADS GAMEDAY BLONDE (5.5%) Westlake Village, CA Cream ale, light body, pinch of hops, subtle foral aroma 16 oz $7
14 CANNONS PATIENT PILSNER (4.8%) Westlake Village, CA Pilsner, bright & foral aroma, light-bodied, crisp and refresing 16 oz $7
FIG MOUNTAIN AGUA SANTA MEXICAN LAGER (4.9%) Santa Barbara, CA Lager, pale straw color, dry, light & refreshing 16 oz $7


REFUGE BLOOD ORANGE WIT (5.0%) Temecula, CA White ale, light wheat body, fresh blood oranges, balanced sweet & tart 16 oz $7
CRAFTSMAN HEAVENLY HEF (5.0%) Pasadena, CA Bavarian style hefeweizen, aroma and favors of banana & clove 16 oz $7
MOTHER EARTH CALI CREAMIN’ (5.2%) Vista, CA Vanilla cream ale, malty backbone, vanilla beans, cream soda kick 16 oz $7
NORTH COAST PRANQSTER (7.6%) Fort Bragg, CA Belgian golden strong, foral nose, full fruity favor, clean fnish 16 oz $8
ALLAGASH CURIEUX (11.0%) Portland, ME Bourbon barrel-aged tripel, coconut & vanilla notes, hints of bourbon 13 oz $10


PIZZA PORT CHRONIC AMBER (4.9%) San Diego, CA Amber ale, toasty sweet malts, favors of caramel, biscuits & toffee 16 oz $7
INSTITUTION RESTRAINT (6.0%) Camarillo, CA Maple brown ale, toasted dark malts, maple sweetness, smooth malty fnish 16 oz $7
ENEGREN VALKYRIE (6.7%) Moorpark, CA German amber, smooth with strong malt favors, hint of bitterness, foral fnish 16 oz $7
LADYFACE BLIND AMBITION (8.0%) Agoura Hills, CA Belgian dark ale, copper-colored Trappist ale with rich, malty favors 16 oz $7
FIRESTONE WALKER MERLIN STOUT (5.5%) Paso Robles, CA Nitro milk stout, flavors or milk chocolate and roasted coffee 19 oz $8


FINNEY’S PALE ALE (5.5%) Westlake Village, CA Full bodied, mildly hopped, favors of grapefruit, orange and watermelon $7
MADEWEST PALE ALE (5.6%) Ventura, CA Pale ale, heavily hopped, with a bright citrus & fruity hop complexity 16 oz $7
STONE TANGERINE EXPRESS (6.7%) San Diego, CA Tropical IPA, bright, tropical aroma, packed with tangerine & pineapple 16 oz $7
TOPA TOPA CHIEF PEAK (7.0%) Ventura, CA IPA, piney hops, tropical tones of passion fruit, orange & gooseberry 16 oz $7
MODERN TIMES ORDERVILLE (7.2%) San Diego, CA Hazy IPA, gold color, delicious hop character, mosaic & simcoe hops 16 oz $7


SMOG CITY HOPTONIC IPA (7.3%) Torrance, CA IPA, toasted caramel malts, notes of orange, tropical fruit, and floral honey 16 oz $7
INSTITUTION IPA (7.5%) Camarillo, CA IPA, dank & citrusy, columbus, mosaic, simcoe & centennial hops, clean fnish 16 oz $7
14 CANNONS TYRANNICIDE (7.5%) Westlake Village, CA IPA, foral notes of citrus, passion fruit, melon, papaya, and grapefruit 16 oz $8
KNEE DEEP LUPULIN RIVER (8.0%) Auburn, CA Double IPA, mosaic hops, south amerian malts, tropical favors 13 oz $8
BARRELHOUSE BIG SUR (9.6%) Paso Robles, CA Double IPA, big hops, balanced with favors of melon & cantaloupe 13 oz $9